Addax Charity Token

Dear ADDAX Community,

We have truly been on an incredible journey together as a community and have achieved beyond the imaginable.

Thanks to our community and hard work we have donated £16,500 to 14 charities and have supported those who are less fortunate, whilst striving for the success of ADDAX.

With these great achievements under our belt, we are proud of all that we have done and what we stood for as a community.

The next stage of our project was to develop a utility and to continue to work towards our mission. However, as with what happens with many start-ups, we faced several roadblocks, which have now brought us to the point where we are no longer able to continue on our journey.

With heavy hearts we are informing you that we will be shutting the project down.

There are many reasons for this:

The development team that we paid to complete the DAPP are unable to fix the bugs and issues with the live chart.

The time frame for this project is uncertain therefore we are unable to move forward in a strategic way.

We are unable to create a new utility to save the project in a short period of time.

We are sorry for letting down all of the people who believed and supported us throughout the entire journey.

We gave it our all, however it wasn’t enough. We tried to push through all of the obstacles to create the DAPP, however with every fix came another round of issues.

We want to thank the community for being part of a project that gave back to so many charities and strived for the greater good of others.

Thank you for supporting us and believing in our mission!

Best Wishes! Tolga & Erdem