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Addax Dapp Platform Development

Development progress will be posted on our Twitter page.
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Design [Completed]

We are currently working on a mock up example of the DApp. We will aim to make the DApp as user friendly as possible in addition to aesthetically pleasing.

Front end [Completed]

The graphical user interface (GUI) is the front-end where the users can interact with the back end.


Live Charts [IN Progress]

A service which allows you to track the real time value of every other tokens built on the BSC network (BEP20 Tokens On PCS).

Limit Orders and Stop-Losses

A “LIMIT” order allows you to set your own price to buy or sell. If the market reaches your limit price, your order will be executed. However, if the market does not reach your limit price, your order will not be executed.

A trading tool designed to limit the maximum loss of a trade by automatically liquidating assets once the market price reaches a specified value.


A trading tool that places a buy order which will automatically execute when liquidity is added to the PancakeSwap.

Swap Tokens

An exchange that facilitates the trading of cryptocurrencies for other assets.


DAPP Design

What is Addax?

Addax is a crypto currency with a purpose to tackle real world problems such as climate change, famine, public healthcare, poverty, children in need, education, gender inequality, marine conservation and wildlife conservation through every transaction.

What is our vision?

Our vision for Addax Token is to be a trusted global fund which strives to make a positive impact on the world.Our aim is to support global issues, charities and emergency relief funds through donations.Our token will optimise the act of giving by donating £1,500 fortnightly to three charitable organisations, an amount that will gradually increase with the growth of the Addax Community. We have several services and business initiatives in the pipeline to continue to strengthen the value of our token and ensure its longevity - we are playing the Infinite game. 

We are the first crypto charity token that is currently developing streams of utilities to create active applications for our investors, such as a decentralized application, merchandise store and auditing service. We are taking an iterative approach and our first sprint will begin with the construction of our decentralised application. By allowing prospect investors to purchase these services via Addax Tokens, we will continue to ensure a sustainable flow of investment and strengthen the security of the current and future holders of Addax Token. 

Transparency is our strength. We will remain open, honest and accountable to our community throughout the progress of our utilities, as well as with every donation we make. 

We launched on 01/06/2021 and thanks to our amazing community have built a robust foundation. We have donated a total of £16,500 to ​fourteen separate charities whilst on live stream, and published proof of transaction. We hope that this stands as a testament to our values.

We will continue to grow and evolve till Addax becomes a global token of choice and simultaneously creates an incredible community that ventures towards building a better future.